The final master will most likely be ready this week. YAY!

Next step is promotion and I need some help to get reviews!

So if anyone knows about any good MUSIC magazines, online magazines, websites or blogs , please leave a reply or a message!



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  1. Hello Paul, first of all thank you for watching my blog and I watched yours in return.

    I don’t know if you would be happy with this, but I would like to review your album if possible, and possibly have a word with my boss and then put the review up on a website/blog called SkullsnBones.

    1. hi, nick!
      Thanks for reaching out! of course you can review my album! it’s not a heavy metal album though, but if you’re interested I would be very happy! the album is most likely ready to go after this weekend so let’s just keep in touch and I’ll let you know when it’s ready! THANKS! PB

      1. Hi, Paul!

        Please don’t worry that’s is not a metal album – I listen to all genres of music. Though obviously my blog is mainly starting off with metal album reviews, I am hoping to branch out into other genres. I am a massive fan of Jazz as well, and mainly progressive rock and metal.

        And thank you as well.

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