Her vil jeg legge ut anmeldelser/omtaler av albumet og evt.singelen.

Fra Krister Wiberg på Musikknyheter.no som ga albumet 7/10:

Albumet åpner med et deilig brak. Ulven uten flokk er en virkelig godbit med en symfonisk og filmatisk produksjon, som beveger seg mot mørket og er inspirert av svartmetall. En perfekt start på platen…..Men selv om ikke alle låtene er topplåter, sitter jeg igjen med syv-åtte fantastiske spor, hvorav to av dem lett kan karakteriseres som rene kunstverk. Paul Bernard er definitivt en usedvanlig kreativ og solid artist, som er både tekstforfatter, musiker og produsent på et veldig høyt nivå.

Les hele anmeldelsen HER.



Countdown: 3 days.

Today’s fun fact:

My very first review ever, a couple of years ago, I got 3.5 out of 10. Today I got my very first review of the “Sånne dager” album. This time 5 stars is top notch. Can I do better this time?

Read the whole review by clicking HERE

What do YOU know about indie music online?

My album is on its way and I need to promote myself.

I know my limits; no money & no time, but I got to do what I can to get my music out there!

That’s why I’m going to “headhunt” my audience. I’m from a small country called Norway (that’s 5 millions inhabitants for you) and let’s just say the music scene is not bigger. It’s especially hard if you don’t fit in the commercial settings.

So what I’m going to do is to push my album to all the online magazines, blogs, websites, magazines, radios, web radios, whatever… that has an interest for indie music, especially indie/alternative hip hop. My main focus will be the USA and Canada, but anywhere else is just as good!

Short about the album:

After years of producing, collaborations and several free album releases, Paul Bernard is finally ready with his first official full length album, named «Sånne dager».

The album is pushing the limits of the hip hop genre, taking the energy and elements of rock and cross it with melodic themes and rap.

With a few exceptions, the music and the lyrics are written and performed by the artist himself.

“Sånne dager” is the very first release on the Valiant Sounds label, an indie label and musical collective mainly focusing on indie pop. Despite the Norwegian title the album is in English.

The album will only be available as a digital release.

The income of the 160 first units sold will be donated to Global Orphanage Foundation

So if YOU know about sites and/or magazines that fit my earlier descriptions, please leave a comment or send me a message!

Thank you


The final master will most likely be ready this week. YAY!

Next step is promotion and I need some help to get reviews!

So if anyone knows about any good MUSIC magazines, online magazines, websites or blogs , please leave a reply or a message!