Here follows our first concert review, by the Norwegian online music magazine HISS!G. We scored 50 of 100.

Short story shorter; the reviewer did not appreciate the main vocal, nor all of our beautiful slowed down (“klissete”) songs.

“The best parts are when the band blocks out Paul Bernard’s weak vocal”.

“Potential, but lack a strong lead vocal”.

Read the whole review HERE (only in Norwegian).

Ok, this is not good, but what can we do…? We are having so much fun with it!


Countdown: 3 days.

Today’s fun fact:

My very first review ever, a couple of years ago, I got 3.5 out of 10. Today I got my very first review of the “Sånne dager” album. This time 5 stars is top notch. Can I do better this time?

Read the whole review by clicking HERE

The final master will most likely be ready this week. YAY!

Next step is promotion and I need some help to get reviews!

So if anyone knows about any good MUSIC magazines, online magazines, websites or blogs , please leave a reply or a message!