[Video] «The downfall of (remix) (Living room practice)»

Last weekend me & my band (they have no name yet; suggestions?) had us a cosy recording/photo session in a villa in OS ROCK CITY. We did some recordings of our own live versions of some of my songs and even did some video and photos. The music is not ready to be shared at... Fortsett lesing →

[New album] «Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes»

My latest album "Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes" has been available for some time now, exclusive on my Bandcamp page. Here you can stream, buy or download for free - you're choice! Today "Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes" is also available @ most online stores like Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Amazon etc... (may take... Fortsett lesing →

The final master will most likely be ready this week. YAY! Next step is promotion and I need some help to get reviews! So if anyone knows about any good MUSIC magazines, online magazines, websites or blogs , please leave a reply or a message! PB ***

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