[Ny musikk] Mellomspill – Min kamp

Med jevne mellomrom legger jeg ut nye låter som er blitt dumpet fra det kommende albumet "En ny side". Dette er andre låt ut, og den har tittelen "Mellomspill - Min kamp". Første låten var "Mellomspill - Kannibal". Albumet kommer (forhåpentligvis) i august.

[Video] «The downfall of (remix) (Living room practice)»

Last weekend me & my band (they have no name yet; suggestions?) had us a cosy recording/photo session in a villa in OS ROCK CITY. We did some recordings of our own live versions of some of my songs and even did some video and photos. The music is not ready to be shared at... Fortsett lesing →

[Remixes] Two new remixes

Two new remixes are up on Soundcloud! First off is a remix of Chelsea Collins' original song "Don't know who I am". YouTubers out there may be familiar with her (and/or her brother Nico)...! The second remix is of FEITN fra KOLBOTN's tribute to swedish girls; "En svensk tjej som dej". Check them both out... Fortsett lesing →

[Video] Two new live videos

Blah blah blah... I have just uploaded two videos of a live performance I did together with LOS TRES/KULTURKAMELEONENE in August 2012. BY MY SIDE can be found on the digital album SÅNNE DAGER. FIX YOU is a COLDPLAY cover, HIP HOPPER is a cover of THOMAS RUSIAK's version of TEDDYBEARS & IGGY POP's PUNKROCKER.... Fortsett lesing →

[New album] Sånne andre dager (double album)

New official release; "Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes" - a collection of songs made during the same period of time as the "Sånne dager" album was made (2008-2012). Guest appearances by Marty Martés (Marty & The Frenemies), Bitten-Helén, K.N.X, Natasha Angel, Gandhji (Zig Zag Zoo), Teorim (Zig Zag Zoo), Hajoken (Tonna Brix), Kjartan Gaulfossen... Fortsett lesing →

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