Today I have uploaded three new remixes; one of my former labelmate (Bonsaiety Records) FABE's song "Testify". Plus two remixes of Bergen MC PederPederMayne's "KOMAN".

K.N.X - “Brainstorm EP” Labelmate K.N.X' brand new 9-track EP is now available at most download/streaming services. Scroll down for exclusive free download + bonus tracks! In addition to mastering the EP, I feature on a track called "Ten feet". EP CREDITS: Music by K.N.X except track 2,3 and 4 by Delario and track 11... Fortsett lesing →

I'm in a good mood today... So I have decided if I get a 1000 likes on MY FACEBOOK PAGE (I'm currently at 976) or 50 likes on MY FACEBOOK STATUS (you'll find it) - I will give you a new song (most likely in Norwegian again though..)! So share and like! Thanks for the... Fortsett lesing →

Last promo track before the release of K.N.X' "Brainstorm EP" - this time featuring Paul Bernard. (A$AP Rocky - Ghetto symphony beat) Release date for "Brainstorm EP": February 25th Available @ any online store as well as FREE downloading here @

When I started to look back at the music year 2012, I thought to myself; I didnt really do anything this year...I have spent most of my time working and/or with my family - I had several periods that I didn't do music at all, not even listened to music like I used to! But... Fortsett lesing → is the only Norwegian hip hop online magazine. Today, for the very first time, Paul Bernard is featured in a Kingsize article! Read the full article HERE. (In Norwegian) Thanks for the love!      

My official debut album SÅNNE DAGER is now available at any online music store! Itunes, Spotify, Wimp, Platekompaniet, Amazon, etc.... Read more about the release HERE. What can I say...check it out and buy it if you like it! A certain amount of the income will be donated to Global Orphanage Foundation's work in Indonesia.... Fortsett lesing →

Album countdown: 2 days left. Today's fun fact: 61 minutes and 55 seconds. The time it takes for you to listen to the whole album. And must I say, I believe the experience will be more fullfilling if you do so rather than just skipping through. Today's fun fact 2: Some may have noticed that the... Fortsett lesing →

Today you can read about the release in Askøy's local paper; Askøyværingen. The article is in Norwegian. Read the whole article by clicking HERE.      

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