[Video] «The downfall of (remix) (Living room practice)»

The band

Last weekend me & my band (they have no name yet; suggestions?) had us a cosy recording/photo session in a villa in OS ROCK CITY.

We did some recordings of our own live versions of some of my songs and even did some video and photos.

The music is not ready to be shared at this point, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

The official band pictures are yet to come too, meanwhile here are some memories for ya:

(click on picture to enlarge)

1503384_10151982196258087_1748192855_n 1557233_10151984992148087_692744995_o1614197_10151984992393087_1145705988_o1522830_10151984992118087_735626164_o(1) 

  1014377_10151989086713087_143389965_n  1655424_10151984992403087_934891008_o

1555372_10151989086938087_224055680_n  1509093_10151989086653087_329087107_n(1)

Thanks again to the band; Fredrik, Martin, Kenny, Tone Rose, Tor Inge and a special thanks to John Inge for the equipment and for the (hard) work as technician/producer!

And here is a video clip of us practicing a song – the second time playing it, and Martin’s very first time playing… 🙂


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