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When I started to look back at the music year 2012, I thought to myself; I didnt really do anything this year…I have spent most of my time working and/or with my family – I had several periods that I didn’t do music at all, not even listened to music like I used to! But when I strated on my summary,  it seemed like there were a few more things than I remembered.  I know I often say that I don’t do anything, but it is true; most of what you hear from me is usually old stuff – take my album for example; almost everything was more or less completed in 2009, I haven’t WORKED with is as you would think I have.  Anywhatever…blahblahblah, here goes the summary of the music year of 2012:

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Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra – “Queen of the doorway” (December)

This was Valiant Sounds’ second official release – and I got to play the COWBELL on this one!!

Oral Bee – Coke & Bacardi (November)
Oral Bee the artist you either love or you hate. I’m a lover, not a fighter, so I was honoured to contribute on his mixtape “Kun for mine grizzlies”

The last Fat Fucks concert (November)

We did three Fat Fucks concerts this year, three years after the last one. In November we did our last in 2012. For those who don’t know about the Fat Fucks, it is my live band. Some members have been come and gone during the years though. This time we had, for the very first time, a bass guitar in the line up! The bass executed perfectly by Askjell of Glider’s Collider and Grandma’s Tea Party.  Some previously members are Stian Blipp and Sheila Simmenes aka She (of Love Exit Orchestra).  Like I said, this was the last concert in 2012, what the future brings is hard to predict. Btw, here is a a video clip from our performance (more may come).

KJ ft.El Axel – Aim 4 your head (September)

Me and KJ go way back, so it was cool to do something new with him. It was also cool that he got the Norwegian hip hop legend el Axel to join on my beat!

Hajoken ft.INT – Hører ikke (taretebake remix) (August)
From Hajoken’s “Remixtapen min vol.I”. Read more about what Hajoken thinks of my production in this Kingsize.no article (in Norwegian)

Ulvestockfestivalen (August)
Ulvestock is the most wonderful mini festival arranged by Jens Erik of The Beauty in his parents garden! I played here in 2009 and was honoured to play this year together with The Fat Fucks!
Album party (August)

In August I celebrated my birthday with good friends. It was also a celebration of my album release of “Sånne dager”.

Thanks to Addicting Minds, KNX, Delario, Low-Ky & Rubz, The Beauty/Jenaas and the rest of the Fat Fucks for the entertainment!

Acoustic concert w/Los Tres (August)

Los Tres is Eirik Minde, Alf Borge & Are Arntsen (all members of The Fat Fucks). They usually play more or less acoustic and do a lot of covers and really sets the mood for a night out. In August I was honoured to be their guest musician at their show and we did a lot of my songs in never-before-heard-or-may-never-hear-again-versions. There is a video…maybe you’ll see it some day.

“Sånne dager” album (August)
The 19th of August I released my album “Sånne dager”. It is still available @ Spotify, Wimp, Amazon etc. Click on the title to buy/stream and/or read more about it here.

“Bror” (August)
I released this song when my cousin died. The song is originally from 2009, but the time felt right for this to be shed now.

Marty & The Frenemies (June)

In June I played – for the very first time – drums on a recording! Marty & The Frenemies is a Valiant Sounds band and will release new music very soon! Marty Martés contributed on several songs on my album, including the title track.

The birth of Valiant Sounds (June)

In June I founded my own label called Valiant Sounds! I have gathered creative and talented people/artists I know under this label to boost our creativity and so that we can help eachother in this big scary music industry.

“Afraid” ft.Bitten-Helén (May)
An old but previously unreleased song for the world to cherish 🙂
Roots concert (May)
Roots (not the band THE Roots) is a local choir. They had a theme concert where they performed music by Norwegian artists and they asked if they could do one of my songs! Eirik Minde arranged it for choir and I joined the performance. It is too bad that it happened just this one time, because I know you all would have loved this version!! 🙂
theCarni.com interview + “Depend” (April)
The website theCarni did an interview with me + had en exclusive release of my song “Depend (remix).
Low-Ky – “Hjertet” (April)

The local rapper Low-Ky released the song “Hjertet”, produced by yours truly. Available at Spotify.

Kjartan Gaulfossen – “Vakse gut” (March)

One of my most successful productions when it comes to listeners and likes. Kjarten Gaulfossen is a great Norwegian lyricist/poet, one of my absolute favourites.

“Take me home” ft.Bitten-Helén (March)
An old but previously unreleased song for the world to cherish 🙂
Mark Deez remix contest (March)

The US rapper had this remix contest…I came in third.  Click on the title to listen to the top 3 remixes!

Hajoken ft.39 rappers (March)
Hajoken gathered 39 rappers on this song, myself included. You can click on the link to listen to the song or read more about it in this Kingsize.no article (in Norwegian)

“Storm (acoustic remix)” ft.Alf J.A.Borge (February)
An old but previously unreleased song for the world to cherish 🙂
“Set it off pt.4 (remix)” (February)
An old but previously unreleased song for the world to cherish 🙂


Album release in 4 days…

Today’s album fact:

The album features appearances by: Petronille Sørlie, Svanhild Svane Sørlie Sleire, Bitten Helén Berntsen, Markus Rocknrolla Nødtvedt, Jens Erik «Jenaas» Aasmundseth, Ingvild «Iza» Tafjord, Yngve Elde, Theresa Wallevik, Kenneth «KNX» Kvale, Andreas «Delario» Wallevik, Kathy Vieyra, Lisa «Monalisa» Herstad, Are Arntsen, Jon «Johnny Sound» Bergh, Victoria «Forrykt» Mahesan, Marte «Marty Martés» Hagebø, Roy Magne Rødland.

To spread the word about my forthcoming album release I have created a Facebook event. This is not a release party or a concert, but an online reminder of the digital album release – so “maybe” doesn’t exist! A YES/ATTEND simply means that you’re going to buy the album/check it out when the time is right. (19.08.12 that is)


So if you want to show love and support me and/or Global Orphanage Foundation, if you support local artists/Norwegian artists, independent artists, like good music, want to check out a new artist or some new music, please attend and spread the event link!


More information about the release can be found at the event information.
For those in the Bergen area, you are also welcome to join my “album party/birthday party” 18th of Aug.


CLICK on the big picture to go to my event.

The album is set to release on my BIRTHDAY!!! (and don’t you forget!)

So you may all check out my album the 19th of August, 2012!


Please read more about it – and attend – @ the official FACEBOOK EVENT.

(despite the Norwegian title, the album is in English,…thought you should know)


Feel free to repost any of the following promo pictures on your blog, website or as a profile picture on your Facebook or whatever..!

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