When I started to look back at the music year 2012, I thought to myself; I didnt really do anything this year...I have spent most of my time working and/or with my family - I had several periods that I didn't do music at all, not even listened to music like I used to! But... Fortsett lesing →

Album release in 4 days... Today's album fact: The album features appearances by: Petronille Sørlie, Svanhild Svane Sørlie Sleire, Bitten Helén Berntsen, Markus Rocknrolla Nødtvedt, Jens Erik «Jenaas» Aasmundseth, Ingvild «Iza» Tafjord, Yngve Elde, Theresa Wallevik, Kenneth «KNX» Kvale, Andreas «Delario» Wallevik, Kathy Vieyra, Lisa «Monalisa» Herstad, Are Arntsen, Jon «Johnny Sound» Bergh, Victoria «Forrykt»... Fortsett lesing →

To spread the word about my forthcoming album release I have created a Facebook event. This is not a release party or a concert, but an online reminder of the digital album release - so "maybe" doesn't exist! A YES/ATTEND simply means that you're going to buy the album/check it out when the time is... Fortsett lesing →

You can now download the new song "Bror" ("Brother" in Norwegian) This is a song written when someone I knew suddenly was taken away from us. No warning. No clues. It's written and performed in Norwegian. DOWNNLOAD "BROR" FOR FREE (if a simple click doesn't do it; right click and save as..)

The album is set to release on my BIRTHDAY!!! (and don't you forget!) So you may all check out my album the 19th of August, 2012!   Please read more about it - and attend - @ the official FACEBOOK EVENT. (despite the Norwegian title, the album is in English,...thought you should know)   Feel... Fortsett lesing →

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