What th’f happened in 2013?!?

2013 has been the least productive year in a long time, still it has not been totally quiet. I have done more photo than music this year and next year I will do even more photo and video. But there has been music too; I have started to practice every week with my new band... Fortsett lesing →

[New album] «Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes»

My latest album "Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes" has been available for some time now, exclusive on my Bandcamp page. Here you can stream, buy or download for free - you're choice! Today "Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes" is also available @ most online stores like Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Amazon etc... (may take... Fortsett lesing →

[New album] Sånne andre dager (double album)

New official release; "Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes" - a collection of songs made during the same period of time as the "Sånne dager" album was made (2008-2012). Guest appearances by Marty Martés (Marty & The Frenemies), Bitten-Helén, K.N.X, Natasha Angel, Gandhji (Zig Zag Zoo), Teorim (Zig Zag Zoo), Hajoken (Tonna Brix), Kjartan Gaulfossen... Fortsett lesing →

Paul Bernard @ Bandcamp

I have finally got myself a bandcamp page! (click on link) The beautiful thing about this is that all of the money you pay will go directly to the artist - and even better; you as a customer have the option to pay whatever you feel like (above a certain amount - still cheap though!).... Fortsett lesing →

Today I have uploaded three new remixes; one of my former labelmate (Bonsaiety Records) FABE's song "Testify". Plus two remixes of Bergen MC PederPederMayne's "KOMAN".

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