[Video] Black clouds (special live version w/Roots, Are & Alf)

Here is a video of a special performance we did of "Black clouds" yesterday! The performance features the choir "Roots" plus old members of the mighty Fat Fucks; Alf & Are - they are now a part of the all star band KAMELEONORKESTERET(check out their new album RIGHT HERE)! Thanks to Roy for the video... Fortsett lesing →

What th’f happened in 2013?!?

2013 has been the least productive year in a long time, still it has not been totally quiet. I have done more photo than music this year and next year I will do even more photo and video. But there has been music too; I have started to practice every week with my new band... Fortsett lesing →

Paul Bernard does a short live version of "Storm (acoustic remix)" w/Alf J.A.Borge & Askjell (of Glider Collider/Grandma's Tea Party). Listen to the original song

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