Oral Bee er ute med et nytt gratisalbum!  I tillegg til en beat av meg, har blant annet godt etablerte produsenter som Kholebeatz & Soul Theory bidratt med produksjon. Albumet kan lastes ned helt gratis HER.

Oral Bee has just released a new album for free! In addition to a beat by me, producers like Kholebeatz & Soul Theory has contributed on this release. The album can be downloaded for free right HERE.



I’d like to share with you a small selection of some of the music I’ve made for/with others.
Productions & remixes.
Most of them are old, but still…..

NEW productions coming real soon!

My official debut album SÅNNE DAGER is now available at any online music store!

Itunes, Spotify, Wimp, Platekompaniet, Amazon, etc….

Read more about the release HERE.

What can I say…check it out and buy it if you like it!

A certain amount of the income will be donated to Global Orphanage Foundation‘s work in Indonesia.

Any feedback is appreciated.


And yeah, it’s my birthday today! 🙂



Album countdown: 2 days left. Today’s fun fact: 61 minutes and 55 seconds. The time it takes for you to listen to the whole album. And must I say, I believe the experience will be more fullfilling if you do so rather than just skipping through.

Today’s fun fact 2: Some may have noticed that the album appears on several online stores. At Amazon, song previews are available!

Album release in 4 days…

Today’s album fact:

The album features appearances by: Petronille Sørlie, Svanhild Svane Sørlie Sleire, Bitten Helén Berntsen, Markus Rocknrolla Nødtvedt, Jens Erik «Jenaas» Aasmundseth, Ingvild «Iza» Tafjord, Yngve Elde, Theresa Wallevik, Kenneth «KNX» Kvale, Andreas «Delario» Wallevik, Kathy Vieyra, Lisa «Monalisa» Herstad, Are Arntsen, Jon «Johnny Sound» Bergh, Victoria «Forrykt» Mahesan, Marte «Marty Martés» Hagebø, Roy Magne Rødland.

To spread the word about my forthcoming album release I have created a Facebook event. This is not a release party or a concert, but an online reminder of the digital album release – so “maybe” doesn’t exist! A YES/ATTEND simply means that you’re going to buy the album/check it out when the time is right. (19.08.12 that is)


So if you want to show love and support me and/or Global Orphanage Foundation, if you support local artists/Norwegian artists, independent artists, like good music, want to check out a new artist or some new music, please attend and spread the event link!


More information about the release can be found at the event information.
For those in the Bergen area, you are also welcome to join my “album party/birthday party” 18th of Aug.


CLICK on the big picture to go to my event.